All Day 420 Crawl - San Diego

All Day 420 Crawl - San Diego


Sunday, Dec 9th 2018

09:00 AM - 09:00 PM (PST)


Private Location

San Diego, CA

Meet Up


All day 420 Crawl! Starting with Blunts and Waffles (9am-2pm) then the Holiday Bazaar (3pm-6pm) hosted by SDCannaEvents, and finally Downtown Casino Night (6pm-9pm).

Food provided by the CannaChefUnion's Saint Polos Meds for breakfast and dinner

Event Details for each event are as follows:

Blunts and Waffles: For those early risers, Blunts and Waffles is the best stop to get your Sunday morning going. Come enjoy a 420 friendly cafe serving a variety of breakfast/brunch specials, partnered with a pre-roll and an infusion optional dessert waffle. Sunday morning football will be playing for the sports buffs so you won't miss a thing. Ticket purchase includes entry, one entree, pre-roll, and dessert pancake.

Holiday Bazaar: Handcrafted 420 inspired art created by local artists. Enjoy a relaxed, 420 friendly atmosphere and pickup some unique handcrafted 420 gifts for friends and family.

Downtown Casino Night: All you gambling fiends prepare for a night of elevation and competitiveness! Downtown Casino Night features two Texas Hold Em tables and chips available for purchase at reception. Test your skill against other locals as we're sure to see some event goers leave with a fatter wallet. Live music by DJ P3rc3ption, Food/Drinks available, and best of all...420 vendors to help you close out the night with some take home goodie options.

Refund Policy

This event does not accept refunds


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