Saturday, Oct 5th 2019

01:00 PM - 04:00 PM (MST)


OH Zone

2020 Kipling Street

Lakewood, CO

Health & Medicine


We're back!!! The Good Vibe Tribe presents BEAD HERE NOW, facilitated by the amazing Ananda - who also taught our Sound Healing workshop.

FYI due to health issues she has been experiencing, this will be her last event in CO, before she moves to a lower elevation. Her sweet spirit will be missed here and we are so grateful for her healing energy as we wish her all the best on her journey to health!

Please join us at the OH Zone on Saturday, October 5, 2019 (*Please note we changed the date due from 9/29 as it was a long day for our teacher) from 1-4 pm for a very special GVT gathering!

Due to limited space 18 total spots and the need to gather materials prior to the workshop, pre-registration by 10/4 is required via email to or 720-260-3630. Mala Kits are $50 and it is $30 if you bring your own 8mm Mala Beads.

If you are looking for a way to increase love or to bring other wonderful things to your life, by focusing on devotional mantra practice is one of the most amazing ways to magnetize and energize your life.

Join together in co-creation for this beautiful practice. We will each create a sacred string of prayer beads. Traditional Malas are made from 108 prayer beads, a sacred and auspicious number. They are worn and used by yogis, saints, and sages. They are more than just a beautiful adornment.

Mala's carry energetic blessings and become infused with the vibrations of prayers, mantras, and intentions. You can call upon your mala in times of need or enhance your meditation practice. All supplies to create your beautiful mala will be included.

During this workshop you will learn:

How to handcraft your very own mala bead necklace.

Meditation and Japa Practice.

The meaning of 108 beads.

Some historical reference.

Mantras for manifestation.

A brief overview of the power of Sanskrit.

Traditional uses of mala beads.

How to wear and care for your mala.

How to cleanse and recharge your mala.

We hope you have had a fantastic Summer. Happy Fall. FYI we took a hiatus and are beginning our monthly GVT gatherings again in October.

The dates of the GVT in the future will vary, as it was difficult to only host it on the first week of the month as it did not work for some of our outstanding presenters. Please look for our upcoming calendar of events and our regular monthly meet-ups. We can't wait to vibe with you!

P.S. As you can imagine IRIE Weddings and Events is in full swing and due to their heavy workload for the Wedding Season and had to step away from the project. All are welcome, however, this will solely be hosted by the OH Zone moving forward.

We can't wait to Bead Here Now with you!

Refund Policy

This event accepts refunds until 7 day(s) before the event.


OH Zone