Body, Mind, and Soul: A Virtual Bathhouse For Liberation Self-Healing (A Sacred Transitions Takeover)

Body, Mind, and Soul: A Virtual Bathhouse For Liberation Self-Healing (A Sacred Transitions Takeover)


Saturday, Sep 26th 2020

01:00 PM - 05:00 PM (PDT)


Private Location

Los Angeles, CA

Health & Medicine


Body, Mind, and Soul 6 will be a Sacred Transitions Takeover!


Intentions: Cultivating A Flow State For Cleansing Suffering & Easing Into Surrender


Saturday September 26, 2020

1 PM PST - 5 PM PST/ 3 PM CST - 7 PM CST



Pre-Sale: 9/8-9/15

$25 via EventHi

Full-Sale: 9/16-9/26 (cutoff 10 am Pacific 9/26)

$30 via EventHi


LOCATION: CrowdCast through EventHi



Brianne Key (60 Mins)

VJ Herbert (60 Mins)

Dede (60 Mins)

Chanel Monet (30 Mins) 

Sunni Johnson (30 Mins)



Hyper-vigilant behavior sustained for long periods has undoubtedly detrimental effects on the body’s nervous system.

It is proven that forcibly functioning through brutal oppressions, fearing death, harm or imprisonment & existing within prejudiced systems everyday can lead us down the path of declining mental, emotional, spiritual & physical health.


With this in mind, we are honored to present to you, Body, Mind & Soul 6: A Virtual Bathhouse Experience!!

This is a cannabis-friendly, private streaming event focused on Liberation Based Self-Healing & featuring BIPOC & LGBTQ2S+ Healers in the greater Kansas City, Missouri area!




 Shalom! My name is Sunni Long and I am the proud owner of Sunni's Holistic Delight's we are a one stop holistic and spiritual shop,with something in store for everyone to enjoy! I grew up in a vegan and holistic household where we used items from Moma Earth to heal ourselves. So I’ve taken those gems I’ve learned over my 45yrs in this realm to help and heal my community. When I found out I was gonna be blessed with a surprise person in the form of Masai Hoshea Long I knew then I would ensure he was raised in that light. That is when Masai’s Fresh Garden Eats from Dirt to Dish was came to life. Masai and I go into schools,churches,daycares and the likes teaching those in our community a more holistic way of living. We’ve been blessed to use many platforms to get our message across with my work as a doula,farmer,and herbalist,and Masai as a public speaker, activist, and author. We are on a mission to help,and heal our community,while spreading light,and positive Inner’chi in a world where our black voices are not always heard. Our motto is Throat Chakra Cleared we have no fear because our Ancestors are always with us~Ase’O 

Kansas City native, mother of 1 I discovered yoga in the midst of chaos. Peace was something I craved on a daily basis but did not know how to find it. After attending 1 yoga class (level 2 almost died) I knew that this was where I belonged. Fast forward to December 2019, I finished my YTT at corepower and began my journey. Yoga helped me find peace and as a black woman, I believe it is my duty to share this with my community. Remind them that yoga is just not a “white” thing and neither is peace.

Alex is a medium, Reiki master, and tarot/oracle card reader. She helps everyone, but especially people of color, transform their lives by providing spiritual wisdom, ancestral healing, and personal healing through her gifts. She teaches that we all possess the power to heal ourselves and our ancestors. She believes it is essential to find balance the between the light/dark, physical/spiritual, and masculine/feminine energies that we all possess. Her business name embodies this message. SoLuna means sun and moon in Spanish and Metanoia means a transformative change of heart, mind, and self. She also helps manage the social media pages for Harvest Moon and Follow Your Sun with Indira Grace.

Celestial Sound Ministry offers a sound meditation that is a cosmic journey into audio and vibrational healing. The meditation explores sound methods and instruments used around the globe for holistic healing and wellness. Allow the sound waves of each sacred instrument to inspire visions of celestial landscapes while gently relaxing the body. Can sound really do all that? Yes everything vibrates! Let your breath to be the vehicle and join us as we traverse the wonders of inner and outer space. I am VJ Healer and it is an honor to be your guide into the great adventure of sound healing!

I am a proudly queer & inclusive trauma-informed bodyworker & entrepreneur of color. I strive to help others facilitate radical daily personal awareness, care & practice through plant medicine use, essential therapeutic touch & liberation focused self-healing guidance.

I am exploring what healing can look like for the most marginalized bodies during seemingly unprecedented times.

I offer coaching on steps for soothing  nervous system responses & grounding  internal discord as we move through oppressive circumstances, minority rage, pandemic-related fatigue & radical mental health management.

Refund Policy

This event does not accept refunds


Trannabis Chi (Takeover by Brianne Key of Sacred Transitions)