Body, Mind, and Soul: A Virtual Evening Of Healing and Rebirth

Body, Mind, and Soul: A Virtual Evening Of Healing and Rebirth


Saturday, May 23rd 2020

03:00 PM - 07:00 PM (PDT)


Private Location

Online Event, CA

Health & Medicine


The Healers:

Jamie London Wollberg (He/Him), Founder of Trannabis Chi and Trannabis

Body, Mind, and Soul Event Organizer

Bio: Jamie is the Founder of both Trannabis Chi and Trannabis, as well as the creator of the Trannabis Lifestyle. As a queer and differently-able transgender man, he feels called to provide healing which is inclusive of everyone. Jamie is mission driven and chooses to make everyone decision in life from love.

Description: Trannabis Chi Welcomes ALL bodies and ALL abilities to heal as a community using the combined practices of T’ai Chi, Qi Gong, and Cannabis. The offering is a 60-minute New Beginnings Community Class with the intention of Healing and Rebirth.

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Venmo: @Jamie-Wollberg

Beautiful Existence (She/Her), Founder of Cannabis Tarot, Internationally-known Author, and Business Oracle

Bio: My name, Beautiful Existence, is the possibility and opportunity for ALL SOULS!

I hold many monikers in this lifetime... Mother, #Poet, #Sologamist, #CannabisMedium, and Business Oracle, but my purest expression in this form is to serve spirit, which I am blessed to do through various pieces of knowledge that I have cultivated over many lifetimes. Wisdom that has brought me the blessing of channeling significant pieces of ethereal work, such as the Cannabis Flower of Life Tarot deck. A noteworthy piece of cannabis history that is found in International Museums in Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Brussels, as well as being honored as part of the MIT Distinguished Collection.

You can find my tarot videos and spiritual advice column on SKUNK Magazine, as well as multiple other online and print publications, events, seminars, and my Instagram account. You can contact me at CannabisTarot (at) for Cannabis Plant Spirit Connection Ceremonies, Business Oracle services, spiritual apprenticeships, or my reading or guidance sessions which could include (but are not limited to) past life, energy work, totem/spirit animal, hermetic and ancient akashic records, #cleromancies, and guidance from cannabis plant spirit or other ancestors, divinations or guides.

My name is the possibility, and the cannabis plant spirit is a way that I can help you access that possibility and MORE, from within yourself.

Aho! and blessings beloved ones.


Description: Times of inner-transformation are incredible healing spaces for our souls. A time of rebirth into new awarenesses, frequencies, and paths ahead that assist us in the evolutionary futures we often seek. As a Cannabis Medium to many, I help others connect to their inner mastery of many different wisdoms, such as past lives, as a form of healing and transformational mechanism. Mechanisms that are amplified through the connection to the cannabis plant spirit. This hour-long session will bring us together in a cannabis plant spirit connection ceremony, where I will then help guide you on an inner journey to opening up the doors of your past lives and help you seek the wisdom you already entered into this lifetime knowing, so you can re-CLAIM your soul's mastery!

The materials needed for this session will be 1) a safe and peaceful space for connection, 2) a preferred form of plant spirit connection (CBD, CBG, Marijuana, or live plant), 3) an open heart, and an empty tummy and body free from other stimulants (per your doctor's orders). Sacred connections are best achieved in a clear state of conscious intent, so honoring the respect and privacy of all energies that emerge within yourself and others during this session is of utmost importance, and will be guided by me to the best of my ability while holding space for the rest of the group. If you seek further guidance prior to the session, please DM me for more details on how to prepare.

I look forward to assisting you in recalling all of the magnificence your soul came into this lifetime knowing, and helping you develop a deeper connection to the cannabis plant spirit to take into your future practice!

Venmo: @Beautiful-Existence-1

Brianne Key (She/Her), Founder of Sacred Transitions Massage & Healing Therapies

Bio: Brianne Key is an inclusive trauma-informed bodyworker & entrepreneur of color. She strives to facilitate radical daily self-care awareness & practice through plant medicine use, essential therapeutic touch & deep grounding.

Description: Facilitating grounding & deep presence while sitting with parts of our souls that quarantine has stifled. Coming home to the expansion of our hearts through therapeutic self-massage & check-in, stretching & breathing into the stretches for deep tension relief.



Maggie May Wilson (She/Her), Metaphysical Teacher, Founder of MetaphysicalAF Podcast

Bio: Maggie is the first female black cannabis sommelier and ordained minister. Her background in the philosophy of Metaphysical studies has led to a decade of eastern healing modalities and teaching beyond the parameters of spirituality into quantum alignment. She believes in the strong connection between humans and the plant and animal species then develops personalized healing sessions for deep spiritual work to transpire.

She pioneered the first cannabis and Reiki wellness events in California and Colorado. She has been featured healer with some of the nation's best event hosting companies and musical festivals and is considered a catalyst for personal growth.

Description: Just like a mother giving birth, the body knows when to do what. There is no rushing getting a baby out. There is no rushing your healing. Your Rebirth will happen exactly when the time is right. You must meet and embrace your highest self to evolve to your next level of consciousness.

- Higher Self Re-Union - A Meditative Cannabis and Food Journey

A delightful journey to meet, greet and embrace your highest self. A cannabis pairing meditation and future self journaling exercise. Make sure to have a journal, something to drink, and a light snack. Maggie will lead a meditative journey using powerful metaphysical exercises to embrace the highest self and have you merge with your truest alignment.


Venmo: @margaretmaywilson

Wvnder (He/Him), Musician and Music Producer

Bio: I am a chill electronic music producer and DJ. I focus on my music being an outlet of my current emotions and hope it helps others recognize their own. I create a variety of genres, all to inspire creativity and break emotional barriers.

Description: I’ll be offering a mix of chill based electronic music to promote a space of healing and rebirth for folx to comfortably create and connect with one another through a digital space.

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Trannabis Chi (Jamie London Wollberg)