Bootleg Avocado Presents...New States Navigating the Green Rush

Bootleg Avocado Presents...New States Navigating the Green Rush


Tuesday, Mar 9th 2021

12:00 PM - 01:00 PM (PDT)


Private Location

Los Angeles, CA

Food & Drinks


Featuring Cannabis Industry leaders covering topics related to public relations, licensing, policies and law, manufacturing, white-labeling, sales, and marketing. This panel will illuminate how entrepreneurs can launch their cannabis brand.

Highlighting her work in the NCIA and launching her own cannabis PR practice, Lori Rosen (our co-host) will discuss her industry experience. Amy Margolis will discuss the hurdles of licensing and educate the audience on all aspects of cannabis and law.

Inanna manufacturing Founder and CEO, Raquel Origel produces a full range of cannabis-infused products (including Infused gummies, vape cartridges and disposable pens, pre-rolls and packed flowers, tinctures and oral sprays, tablet pills, topical products, baked goods) and can provide a focus on the manufacturing/packaging side of the industry.

Terra Vera, Head of Sales & Marketing (Eastern U.S. and Caribbean), Chris Walsh has over 10 years experience in the Cannabis Industry and is also the Co-Founder of Upstate Elevator Supply Company, one of the fastest-growing CBD brands in the cannabis sector. He can discuss his expertise in business strategy and development, revenue growth, profit maximization, start-up know-how, and organizational restructuring to enhance business models, staff performance, and infrastructure.


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