BS (Blunt Study) Session: Who Lied About Cannabis?

BS (Blunt Study) Session: Who Lied About Cannabis?


Sunday, Feb 28th 2021

04:00 PM - 05:30 PM (EST)


Virtual Event

Detroit, MI

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Health & Medicine


On Feb 28th, join our controversial cannabis conversations that lead to education, destigmatization and healing of the Black community. 

We, at Indica PhD, have adopted the mission of advocating for the holistic healing of the Black community through conversations that focus on cannabis education and destigmatization. We aim to create a world where Black people are free to truly heal from the mental, physical and spiritual insults associated with the Black experience.

We invite you to join our controversial and educational conversations that we call BS sessions (Blunt Study Sessions - because it's time to debunk the BS that we have been taught for generations). Explore the truth with us and earn your PhD – your God given right to Puff. Heal. Destigmatize.

We're kicking off the BS Sessions with: Who Lied About Cannabis?

Did you know that the government has been providing citizens with cannabis for decades to treat medical conditions? Are they the real drug traffickers and are those in our community that sell cannabis illegally the real healers?

Come learn more and share your input. 

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