Cannabis Vocational Training- Winter classes

Cannabis Vocational Training- Winter classes


Saturday, Feb 23rd 2019

10:00 AM - 02:00 PM (EST)


CannaHealth Studios

178 Temple St

New Haven, CT



-Saturday, January 12th - Commercial Cultivation w/Ellen Brown-

This course covers the methods and preparation for large scale commercial cultivation, followed by an introduction to cloning and propagation, vegetation, troubleshooting and harvest. Including an overview of desirable environmental parameters needed for a strong Commercial crop.

-Saturday, January 26th – Patient/Dispensary Services w/Brian Essentier, RPh

Patient Services is the cornerstone to any great cannabis business. Ensuring patients are informed and satisfied creates loyalty and leads to success. This course will teach students the importance of providing educated and friendly services in their role as the face of the organization and the requirements to become a dispensary employee in CT.

-Saturday, February 9th - Medical Marijuana 101 w/Kebra Smith-Bolden, RN

This course touches on the science of cannabis, the conditions it can help, talking to doctors, using cannabis, the makeup of the plant, civics and the cannabis industry. The course is an overview of cannabis as a medicine and everything a person would want to know about its therapeutic uses and implementation. Perfect for RN’s, APRN’s ands LCSW’s who would like to prescribe MMP recommendations

-Saturday, February 23rd - Cooking with Cannabis w/Luis Angel Vega III

This class covers the basics of Cannabis infused cooking and baking including infusing butter, oils, sauces, drinks, candies, edibles and complete dinners. This class will also cover extraction methods, tinctures and proper dosing and titration of infused foods and concentrates. 

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