CGLA December: Distribution and Manufacturing, Decoded

CGLA December: Distribution and Manufacturing, Decoded


Tuesday, Dec 3rd 2019

06:00 PM - 09:00 PM (PDT)


Santa Monica Bay Woman's Club

1210 4th St

Santa Monica, CA

Meet Up
Health & Medicine


We ARE Los Angeles' cannabis community. 

On December 3, 2019, TEDx Speaker, Cannabis Entrepreneur and High Times 100 Most Influential Honoree- Rico Tarver will be hosting another night of his unique, live infomercial-style events with amazing speakers plus a great networking community.

Now that we've officially entered the age of CCTT Metrc and 407 retail operators have shown just how vulnerable California cannabis compliance is these days... We've decided for the main event to have track-and-trace supply chain software provider, Distru's CEO Blaine Hattab & Rocky Mountain Cannabis Consulting's CEO BriAnne Ramsay come break down for us what it takes for distributors and manufacturers to become and remain compliant, no matter what your angle is in the CA marketplace.

CCTT Metrc API builder, Green Bits' Founder and Chairman, Ben Curren will be with us as well, dropping knowledge on what it's taken for the clients in 7 Metrc states (12-state reach total) their team's worked with to succeed and thrive through the transition. He's also gonna cover what we can learn from the states who've struggled before us. As an entrepreneur through-and-through with a rock-solid professional team of builders at his back, Ben's core team has steadily built one of the most accomplished and respected platforms in the industry.

Rounding out our interstate all-star speaker lineup will be Ilya Ross of Vicente Sederberg. A seasoned corporate and securities attorney, Ilya helps cannabis companies in all aspects of general corporate counseling and capital markets transactions, with a particular focus on public and private financing, corporate governance, securities law compliance, and strategic partnerships. Since entering the cannabis space, he has assisted cannabis issuers ranging from start-ups to multi-state operators (and everything in between) in structuring complex transactions for regulatory compliance, multi-state application, and growth opportunities.

I cannot wait to see you one more time to close the year out.

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Each Month, CannaGather Los Angeles presents the best of the best in California's flourishing cannabis industry. Market leaders have the opportunity to speak on their companies, stories, and how they have (and plan to continue) navigated through Los Angeles' myriad of issues leading up to and through our first year of legalization. All this is done in a one-on-one conversation; on stage in front of 200+ CannaGather Community members.

Each event will be live-broadcasted across several channels and footage will be archived on Food will be included and there’ll also be an open bar for those interested in adult beverages.

No cannabis consumption is allowed at our events.

The way our predecessors did things created a mess of opportunity blocking all traditional routes to success. Grab a machete. Let's forge our own path. 


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Thanks to our amazing speakers & sponsors (so far)! Want to join them? Email us!

Santa Monica Bay Woman's Club

1210 4th Street

Santa Monica CA 90401

Tuesday, October 1;

6:00PM - 9:00PM PDT

Our Sponsoring Partners:

Distru - Distru is an Oakland-based track-and-trace platform built to help operators in California stay compliant while simultaneously streamlining cannabis distribution and manufacturing. Distru covers inventory management, order management, CRM, fulfillment, logistics, and Metrc integrations in a centralized platform.

Rocky Mountain Cannabis Consulting - Rocky Mountain Cannabis Consulting’s (RMCC) training courses, expert counsel, procedures, and documents help businesses achieve and maintain compliance.

RMCC helps Marijuana Operators and Cannabis Compliance Software and Technology companies excel in daily cannabis operations, implement seed-to-sale software, provide comprehensive METRC training, conduct METRC Audits, and build the infrastructure of compliance operations through customized Standard Operating Procedures.

Green Bits In 2014, they set out to empower cannabis retailers with an easy-to-manage platform. They asked shop owners about their priorities and pain points — and what would make their work lives happier and more rewarding.

From those conversations, they developed a point-of-sale product that matches their unique workflows and business demands, like seed-to-sale tracking, faster checkout lines, customer sales limits and complex inventory reporting.

Today, Green Bits is changing the way cannabis retailers do business — simplifying processes and making compliance effortless, so you can focus on what matters most: happy customers, steady growth, and a strong bottom line.

Vicente Sederberg - Vicente Sederberg has more than 100 full-time employees, including more than 40 attorneys, working out of offices in Boston, Denver, Jacksonville, Los Angeles, and New York. It also maintains strategic relationships with firms around the country, including Michigan, Nevada, and across the Mid-Atlantic region.

VS offers a full suite of services for all types of plant-touching marijuana and hemp businesses (cultivators, retailers, extractors, product manufacturers, distributors, and testing labs), ancillary businesses, investors, trade associations, and governmental bodies.

Paybotic - Paybotic is a team of experienced payment professionals who have spent the past few years on formulating and strengthening our network of domestic and international partners to provide solutions suitable for nearly every type of legal high-risk business.

Whether your business is in need of credit card processing, ACH processing, check service or any other payment solution, they customize a high-risk payment solution by selecting the best partner options to suit your exact needs. They take pride in their expert customer service while finding you the best fit for your processing needs.

EPAC Flexible Packaging - Founded in 2016, with a charter to serve small and medium size businesses throughout the United States, ePac is technology driven and built to provide our customers a fast and easy way to buy flexible packaging.

Offering competitively priced short to medium run length orders, and 10-day turnaround, ePac is the first supplier in North America built entirely on the latest wide-web digital printing technology – the HP Indigo 20000. With their manufacturing platform optimized to provide industry leading customer service, ePac offers true high-definition custom printing with variable imaging and the elimination of plate fees, while enabling customers to print to demand and avoid inventory and obsolescence costs.

WebJoint - WebJoint is an all-in-one cannabis retail and brand software provider. Their mission is to connect the cannabis industry through creative software solutions that benefits all aspects of the supply chain.

Webjoint's software allows dispensaries and delivery services to white label their own .com website with the powerful backend tools provided. Business owners can manage their inventory, sales, patients/users, loyalty program, rewards/referral program, and much more.

APOP Media - The largest in-store cannabis lifestyle network & digital menu platform based in LA and has quickly evolved into the market’s leading advertising and educational service. Strategically placed in dispensaries, waiting rooms, med rooms, doctor’s offices & at live events across California.

FLOURISH - FLOURISH is a global recruiting consultancy, specializing in executive search for Corporate, VP, Director and Management level roles in the cannabis industry. They unequivocally leverage leading technology and our one-of-a-kind service to deliver the people you want to hire. This is done with unrivaled speed and accuracy, typically saving our clients close to a third in cost when compared to other agencies. While their focus is based on helping you find the right leadership, we also work other high demand full-time permanent positions within the cannabis, hemp and CBD space.

Shine Rolling Papers - Shine Papers is the inventor of the worlds first ever 24 karat gold rolling paper. Not only do Shine Papers turn every head in the room, but the papers also burn extremely slow while also leaving behind a "gift" in the ashtray. Yup, the gold stays on your ashes which is refer to as "the gems" but unfortunately you cannot pawn your ashes (they actually gets asked this all of the time).

VYBES - VYBES isn't a beverage, it's a feeling - a way to a more balanced & grounded life. It's become (Vybes Founder, Jonathan Eppers') mission to share the mind & body healing powers of CBD with everyone he can. He was introduced to CBD by a close friend, and this miraculous nutrient, a gift from mother nature, has changed his life.

US Private Vaults - The PRIVATE Alternative to Bank Safe Deposit Box Rentals. USPV rents safe deposit boxes like those found at banks but with two primary differences: Complete Privacy and Enhanced Security.

USPV is located on Olympic Boulevard in Beverly Hills in an upscale shopping district with plenty of free parking directly in front of the door. Our sign up process takes only minutes, and you can access your box right away.

NUGL - NUGL is an all new technology-based multimedia platform that combines a cannabis search and business directory with social media and networking tools. All of this seamlessly integrates with digital and print publications, and an internal cannabis ad server, for extended reach and exposure. NUGL is community driven, user focused, and together with our fans have built an environment where content, services and networking capabilities for all things cannabis, are welcomed and enjoyed by all.

Akerman, LLP - Members of Akerman’s Cannabis Practice understand the complex legal and business issues impacting companies operating in this sector and we have the depth of experience and national reach necessary to help clients meet their business objectives. Their team monitors notable industry trends and legislative developments to provide timely guidance to clients seeking to navigate the maze of often-conflicting federal, state, and local laws and regulations governing cannabis.

Hollywood Elite Security - Our company believes in always exceeding our clients’ expectations. By using our consulting service in which we fully analyze policies and procedures, clients can minimize risk and liability to staff and property. Our consultants can study the client’s operations and evaluate the impact of location, supply chain, travel, infrastructure, logistics.

High on The Hog Potcast - Radio Host Merrill Shindler, Janice Hardoon of KTown Collective and Joanna Belson, activist mom and cannabis believer, chat about all things THC, CBD and everything in between. Listen in each week to her new topics and meet amazing people in the cannabis industry.

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