Cultivation and Growers Medical Marijuana Training Seminar-Chicago March 16th

Cultivation and Growers Medical Marijuana Training Seminar-Chicago March 16th


Saturday, Mar 16th 2019

01:00 PM - 03:00 PM (CST)


Holiday Inn & Suites Chicago-Downtown

506 W Harrison St, Chicago, IL 60607

chicago, IL

Health & Medicine


The Cannabis Cultivation Training seminar from Leafy Green Agency is a professional agri-science course that teaches you how to grow marijuana through every step of the process. When you complete this course, you’ll have the knowledge you need to grow cannabis as a cultivator or as a cultivation employee.

What You’ll Learn

In this comprehensive seminar, you’ll gain essential knowledge that is critical to successfully working in cannabis cultivation, including:

·      Understanding the parts of the cannabis plant

·      Choosing growing mediums to ensure maximum growth

·      How to manage and optimize the cannabis plant during flowering

·      Best practices for harvesting, drying, and curing

·      Safe and efficient trimming and processing techniques to preserve quality

·      Light source options and the advantages and disadvantages of each

·      Water and nutrient optimization to improve yields and quality

·      Best practices for seed germination and transplanting

·      How to select the best genetics based on your goals

·      The correct methods to create cannabis clones

·      How to maximize the quality, flavor, and shelf-life of cannabis

·      Safety precautions and environmental concerns

What You’ll Get

This course is jam-packed with information that can help you develop a successful cannabis cultivation business or deliver added-value as an employee working at a grow facility. You’ll leave the seminar with:

·      Knowledge to grow successful crops while reducing risks and maximizing profits

·      Resources to be a successful grower at any stage of your career

·      In-demand skills that cultivators are actively looking for to fill open positions

·      Face-to-face instruction from a licensed, veteran California cannabis cultivator

·      Verifiable certificate of course completion documenting your new credentials

Who Is This Course For?

This course is for anyone who wants to start or scale a cannabis cultivation operation as well as anyone who wants to get a job working for a cultivator or who simply wants to increase their knowledge of cannabis cultivation.

Refund Policy

This event accepts refunds until 1 day(s) before the event.


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