Danny Danko Seminar - Cannabis: A Beginner's Guide to Growing Marijuana

Danny Danko Seminar - Cannabis: A Beginner's Guide to Growing Marijuana


Thursday, May 30th 2019

06:30 PM - 09:00 PM (EDT)


Come Back Daily

381 Broadway

New York, NY

Health & Medicine


I Bud You presents Danny Danko at Come Back Daily

Easy Step by Step Cultivation Practices and Techniques

Taught By Danny Danko the Senior Cultivation Editor of High Times Magazine

  • Plant Growth Basics
  • Strains, genetics and germination
  • Determine male and female plants and how to choose motherplants
  • Cloning and rooting for healthy plants
  • Vegitative growth and flowering stages
  • When and how to harvest
  • Identification of pests, fungi and molds
  • Concentrates, edibles, tinctures, and topicals

Plant Growth Basics & Growth Room Set Up

Gain a basic understanding of the way that cannabis plants grow and how to get started on the road to growing your own pot.

Strains & Genetics

It’s essential to know the genetics of what you’re growing and consuming. Different cannabis strains can vary greatly in flowering time, aroma, flavor, and, most importantly, potency level.


In order to root and grow clones, you need to have a motherplant from which to take cuttings. Motherplants preserve your preferred genetics, allowing you to grow the same strain over again.

Refund Policy

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