Early 420 CannabisFLOW YOGA+DANCE Celebration with Brandon Anthony!

Early 420 CannabisFLOW YOGA+DANCE Celebration with Brandon Anthony!


Sunday, Apr 19th 2020

05:00 PM - 08:00 PM (PDT)


Silver Lake

61* N Commonwealth Ave




CannabisFLOW Yoga + CannabisDANCE with Brandon Anthony!

A very special early 420 celebration and exploration of Cannabis, CBD, and Self Love....

For the 1st time in LA, we're combining our most popular CannnabisFLOW Yoga and CannabisDANCE workshops into one super fun holiday CannabisMOVEMENT event ;). You're welcome to join us for the entire evening or just one of the classes!

5p - 5:30p Opening Party + Check in *Cannabis Flower, Edibles, and CBD tinctures provided

5:30p - 6:30p CannabisFLOW Yoga

6:30p - 7p Party/Break + Check in **Cannabis Flower, Edibles, and CBD tinctures provided

7p - 8p CannabisDANCE

CannabisFLOW Yoga

Practicing yoga infused has always been really therapeutic for me, but there's something incredibly special about sharing the experience with a group of like-minded and loving individuals. In our Clothing Optional CannabisFLOW Yoga class, people of all ages, body types, genders, and backgrounds come together to elevate and celebrate what their bodies can do. Lit by candles and backed by an out-of-this-world soundtrack, we'll strip down and flow through a sequence of traditional Sun Salutations and standing postures as we build heat, strength, and flexibility in the body. After working up a sweat, we'll move into deep restorative stretches, ending the session in an open and well earned savasana. The class is all levels, and Everyone is welcome!

Space is limited to 15 people for this class.


I first experienced a freestyle movement for actors class called “Movement to Music” that changed my life while studying theater in Chicago. While the purpose of the training was geared towards acting, the class became something different for me. It became therapy. Something I could do on my own, alone in a studio or in my room, that gave me peace and clarity. I could smoke a J, put on the perfect playlist, and come out on the other end feeling brand new. Feeling light again....CannabisDANCE is my way of sharing that feeling with everyone. The class is a guided free form musical journey. There's no choreography to memorize, no wrong moves, and no wrong steps. Just moving, feeling, and Living to the Music. I’ll guide the group through a genre mixing playlist, throwing directions and games out to keep things playful. We’ll flow through every emotion, live our best lives, and come out on the other end feeling like the rock stars we are.

Space is limited to 20 people for this class.



“We can always smoke a lot of weed and get “high”, but what if the goal isn’t to get stoned, but to get Elevated? We can learn to use cannabis to elevate and deepen our experiences, allowing us to stay present while exploring and expanding ourselves and the world around us.”

— Brandon Anthony, Founder and Creator of CannabisMOVEMENT


Are there ID or minimum age requirements?

All attendees must be 21+, and a valid ID will need to be shown at the door.

Where is the workshop taking place?

The location is a large private space in Silver Lake near the Melrose/N Virgil Ave intersection. There is free and metered street parking available. A detailed info email with the full address will be sent 1 week before the workshop to the email you used when purchasing your ticket. If you purchase a ticket within a week of the workshop, the address will be in your confirmation email from Eventhi. Make sure to adjust your email settings so Eventhi messages are sent to your primary inbox, and check your spam and promotions folders if you're worried you've missed a message.

What do I need to bring to class?

You'll need to bring a yoga mat, water bottle, and a towel to cover the mat and clean up with for CannabisFLOW Yoga. If you're unable to bring a mat, you may want to bring an extra towel to use as cushioning for any floor work we do. You'll just need a water bottle and towel to clean up with for CannabisDANCE. Top grade cannabis flower, edibles, vapes, and CBD tinctures will be provided!

Is it okay if I new?

Newbies are welcome! Each pose will be broken down and explained in the CannabisFLOW YOGA class, and adjustments can always be given. The CannabisDANCE workshop doesn’t require any dance skill at all :). Just a willingness to express yourself and have fun. 

Do I have to fit a certain body type or age to attend class?

Not at all! All shapes, sizes, and ages 21+ are welcome and encouraged to come celebrate themselves. This is a judgement and shame free zone. As long as you are healthy enough for a workout, you will be able to participate. Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated.

Are there showers available at this location?

There is a shower! You'll be able to briefly rinse off after class if you need, but body wipes will be also be provided for all attendees. 

What is the refund policy?

Full refunds are available through up to 7 days before any workshop. If you discover you are unable to attend within the 7 day window, you are welcome to gift or resell your ticket. That person will need to have your ticket or confirmation email printed or pulled on their phone when they arrive for the workshop.


Refund Policy

This event accepts refunds until 7 day(s) before the event.