Ellementa Batavia: Summer Vibes: Music, Mood, and Meditation

Ellementa Batavia: Summer Vibes: Music, Mood, and Meditation


Thursday, Aug 15th 2019

06:30 PM - 08:30 PM (EST)


Robert Morris School

80 Union St. (across from Notre Dame HS)

Batavia, NY

Meet Up
Health & Medicine


Let’s Talk About: Cannabis for Women: A Healthier Life

You're busy. We get it. You're stressed. We feel you. You have a multi-dimensional life and feel overwhelmed. Check.

You want to live a fuller, healthier and happier life. We're with you!

But you probably have questions:

~ Can cannabis or CBD really be beneficial for your health?

~ Are there quality products out there you can trust?

~ Is there a sensible way to incorporate cannabis or CBD into a busy life?

We're here to tell you YES YES YES!

Looking to understand how cannabis interacts with your body and brain and want to improve your health and wellness or simply feel better? This Gathering is for YOU.

Researching the best products out there to help you address acute or chronic health issues or to optimize your health?

This Gathering is for YOU. Why? Because YOU deserve to feel better.

Join Us!

Meet women like you who are motivated to live a healthier and happier life.

Learn from local Ellementa Leaders, Guest Experts and Trusted Brands at Ellementa Women’s Wellness Gatherings.

Our female-forward events are warm, comfortable and welcoming to women/female-identified who are new to or experienced with cannabis.

Share knowledge. Take charge of your health. Get inspired. And bring a girlfriend!

We look forward to connecting with YOU and connecting you to better information about cannabis and CBD!

P.S. If you've never been to an Ellementa Gathering before, our Gatherings are very different from other cannabis events out there. This is not a lecture, this is not a business networking event. This is a vibrant, exciting, dynamic and personal sharing of wisdom and experiences. Join us at any Ellementa Women's Wellness Gathering for empowering knowledge & candid conversation!

We look forward to seeing you! #FeelBetter


Cannabis has been used to enhance women’s health for centuries. Ellementa organizes Gatherings in over 50 cities connecting women to cannabis experts and brands. Learn about cannabis for health, wellness, self-care, and caregiving. These are non-consumption, educational monthly events for women/female-identified exclusively. We create welcoming spaces where women can come together to speak openly about cannabis wellness.

At each monthly Ellementa Gathering, we’ll explore different aspects of cannabis to empower you with knowledge. If we don’t know the answers, we’ll find them!


This Gathering discussion will be led by Ellementa Gathering Leader Kelly March.

Kelly March

Kelly March is a resident of Western New York and has worked in rural public libraries for 20 years. She has always looked for the natural ways to wellness by growing herbs; plants before pills! Kelly's journey with Multiple Sclerosis has taught her that there are no easy solutions to well being and nothing is One Size Fits All. Cannabis has been the plant she has relied upon for treating many of her MS symptoms and is thrilled to bring cannabis education to the women of WNY.


Jo Coburn

Jo Coburn is the President of True Wellness of WNY, Inc. As a Functional Medicine Health Coach, she believes in the power of the human body to heal and has dedicated her life to helping people choose wellness and thrive in their unique body. A lifelong student, she has attended the University of Rochester where she studied Biology, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and The School of Applied Functional Medicine. True Wellness is based in Batavia, NY and works with client locally as well as remotely via phone and video conferencing. You can find True Wellness online at www.truewellnesswny.com or by searching @truewellnessWNY


Ellementa Gatherings are non-consumption events. Ellementa does not condone the consumption of cannabis on the premises of Gatherings. If consumption does take place at the event or any product is obtained at the event that is consumed after, attendees consume at their own risk and fully indemnify Ellementa, Inc. and its stakeholders from any responsibility. Everyone attending this event or other Ellementa events confirm they are 21 years of age or over (19 years or older in Canada) and fully responsible for their own actions.

Refund Policy

This event accepts refunds until 1 day(s) before the event.