Ellementa Fresno: De-Stressing With Cannabis

Ellementa Fresno: De-Stressing With Cannabis


Tuesday, Apr 23rd 2019

03:30 PM - 05:30 PM (PDT)


Food Commons Fresno

202 Van Ness Avenue

Fresno, CA

Health & Medicine


Let’s Talk About: “Microdosing"

Is stress dragging you down? Well, April is Stress Awareness Month, and we’re ready to feel less stressed and be able to face our stressors head on. What about you?

If you've never been to an Ellementa Gathering before, you may not know how our Gatherings are very different from other cannabis events out there. This is not a lecture, this is not a business networking event. This is a vibrant, exciting, dynamic and personal sharing of wisdom and experiences.

Join us at this Ellementa Women's Wellness Gathering for empowering knowledge & candid conversation!

This month, we’re talking about microdosing cannabis:

~~ What is microdosing and why do women do it?

~~ How can microdosing reduce stress and anxiety?

~~ What forms of cannabis work well for microdosing?

~~ What products on the market are best suited for microdosing?

If you are looking to understand how cannabis interacts with your body and brain and want to improve your health and wellness or simply feel better, this Gathering is for YOU.

Learn from our local Ellementa Leaders, Guest Experts and Trusted Brands at Ellementa Women’s Wellness Gatherings. Our female-forward events are warm, comfortable and welcoming to women/female-identified who are new to cannabis as well as the more experienced.

Share knowledge. Take charge of your health. Get inspired. And bring a girlfriend!

We look forward to seeing you! #FeelBetter


Cannabis has been used to enhance women’s health for centuries. Ellementa organizes Gatherings in over 50 cities connecting women to cannabis experts and brands. Learn about cannabis for health, wellness, self-care, and caregiving. These are non-consumption, educational monthly events for women/female-identified exclusively. We create welcoming spaces where women can come together to speak openly about cannabis wellness.

At each monthly Ellementa Gathering, we’ll explore different aspects of cannabis to empower you with knowledge. If we don’t know the answers, we’ll find them!



We bring you trusted experts to help answer your questions.

Kristina Frankian

Kristina is a long time Cannabis lover of over 20 years, Advocate, Founder of Ganja Mama Club, Educator and Cultivator. 

After two decades of being underground about her Cannabis use along with it being in her garden, she has found her voice above ground. Creating a Meetup for all    Mamas who enjoy and medicate with Cannabis. Helping to empower other women like her to grow their own medicine and reassure them that Cannbis use daily over traditional pharmaceuticals should be just as acceptable and there's no reason to feel shame.

For fun she just recently created her Etsy store Ganja Mama Flowers, for custom handcrafted Cannabis pieces. Like high tea head dress, clips and more to come!  

You can find her at one of her free Cannabis and Coffee, Library or hiking meetups or online at Tokeativity Connect with fellow Educators.

"It has been a breath of fresh air to have so many women to talk to now about Cannabis!..For so long it has been only men in the circle of Cannabis" 

After recently speaking at a Ellementa Woman's gathering in the Central Valley, she is looking to do more events and is excited to share her knowledge and experience of how Cannabis fit into her organic holistic lifestyle and being her only medicine through serious health issues and the hard trials of life.  


This Gathering discussion will be led by, Ellementa Gathering Leader Elvira Byrd

Elvira Byrd

Elvira Byrd is a mompreneur on a mission to help educate others on the safe and conscious use of Cannabis & CBD. She believes that everyone should know about the benefits of this multiuse plant. There are so many people suffering from mental illness, chronic pain & multiple ailments and opioids are no longer the go-to option. There is a plethora of information out there and so many companies getting in on the Cannabis movement that sometimes it can be overwhelming. Elvira’s passion is to help people find safe resources & affordable Cannabis & Hemp derived products.

OUR VENUE… Food Commons Fresno

Food Commons

Food Commons Fresno is growing a community food system that fosters health, stewardship, equity, and economic development. This system includes farm production, processing, distribution, and retail sales in Fresno and the surrounding San Joaquin Valley. Broad-based community participation is a core value of the Food Commons. Food Commons Fresno assets will be stewarded for the benefit of the community by the nonprofit Fresno Food Commons Trust.

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Ellementa Gatherings are non-consumption events. Ellementa does not condone the consumption of cannabis on the premises of Gatherings. If consumption does take place at the event or any product is obtained at the event that is consumed after, attendees consume at their own risk and fully indemnify Ellementa, Inc. and its stakeholders from any responsibility. Everyone attending this event or other Ellementa events confirm they are 21 years of age or over (19 years or older in Canada) and fully responsible for their own actions.

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