First Annual 420nurses Summer Jam Sesh


Saturday, Sep 21st 2019

06:00 PM - 10:00 PM (PDT)


420Nurses Boutique

6We 7029 topanaga CYN

Los Angeles, CA

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Patient Appreciation Day


Hi everyone I, Babygreen will be hosting our first Summer Jam Sesh! 

Me and 420nurses are excited to offer a networking opportunity for local musicians looking to meet other music oriented individuals for cross promotion, music collaborations, and a great chance to learn how to work with other artists of many other genres. There will also be a portion of the event dedicated to music lovers who aren’t musicians who just would like to observe and possibly have the chance to partake in interactive games with the musicians and artists! Music lovers in attendance will have the chance to have a once in a lifetime experience, this isn't just a concert we want you to have a VIP first hand view of how musicians and artists create their music. One thing for sure is we want everyone in attendance to leave with some amazing memories and pictures of course! 

If you’re wondering what an interactive experience is exactly, well think about it like this. It’s similar to an escape room in concept. My idea is a little different but the fun of an escape room was definitely my inspiration! There will be five groups of twelve people, and all of the groups have to work amongst themselves to create a song within 30 mins. The group who wins gets a prize, there will also be a prize chosen the real fun though is in the game itself I usually pay to go to an escape room win, and get no prize lol so this is definitely a little more competitive. The groups will be structured as so 

There will be five groups of twelve, each group of twelve will have the following: 

There will be five groups of twelve, each group of twelve will have the following: 

1 rapper

3 singers 

2 songwriters 

4 instrument players 

2 judges 

The roles of everyone in the group is pretty clear except that if the “judge” so let me explain what their role is. The judge ideally is a normal person who loves music and uses it to escape but is not necessarily a musician or musically skilled. This person's job is to keep the group focused and on task according to common sense as well as a small list of guidelines on how the final song will be judged. At the end of the game one person from each group will  be awarded “best group member” this will be voted by the two judges in their group. The best song will be voted %50 audience based and %50 judge based.

Come join me and 420nurses on this fun journey, and of course it’s 420 FRIENDLY! 

Refund Policy

This event does not accept refunds


Baby Green