Healing Happy Hour: Using Tarot as a Guide to Shadow Work, Meditative Healing, & Journaling

Healing Happy Hour: Using Tarot as a Guide to Shadow Work, Meditative Healing, & Journaling


Wednesday, Jun 22nd 2022

04:00 PM - 06:00 PM (PDT)


Private Location

virtual, CA

Not For Profit


Greetings, Jane!

It's Healing Happy Hour time again. This month, we're excited to be led by Ronni Eloff (they/them) for a VIRTUAL workshop on using tarot as a guide to shadow work, meditative healing, and journaling.

The goal of this month's healing happy hour is to: educate Janes on how to meditate and consult with the tarot for healing and journaling


5-10 minutes Introduction to Tarot

· Heroine Journey

· Different ways to incorporate Tarot into daily life

· Difference between Tarot/Oracle s

· What is Shadow work

· Shadow work with Tarot

Centering/Brief breath work to focus energy

Pull a card for all attending + explanation (including symbolism and imagery)

Pull Individual cards for those who want one with an explanation

One of Ronni's soulful passions in life is to help teach others how to transform their pain, trauma, negative or highly charged emotional experiences into understanding, wisdom and growth. They have been an advocate, coach, counselor, art therapist utilizing these types of techniques, but they kept coming back to their roots of the Tarot and now Oracle Cards utilizing this medium to guide folks through imagery, symbolism and spiritual guides utilizing journal work as a reader. They find that tarot is a great guide to help transform people's pain, trauma and emotional experiences so they process, gain insight, knowledge, learning to heal and move forward in life utilizing techniques called Shadow work. So buckle up Dorothy, we’re not in Kansas anymore. They may be blunt. They may be direct and to the point, but They totally get your pain, and want to help you get through yours so you can move forward in your life.

***consumption encourage

***registration required

***women and non-binary specific

Refund Policy

This event does not accept refunds


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