Thursday, Feb 13th 2020

12:00 PM - 04:00 PM (PST)



400 W Washington Blvd

Los Angeles, CA



The Industrial Hemp Alliance will be having their second annual anniversary at Los Angeles Trade Technical Community College

Come and join the Cannabis industry leaders as they educate the community of all the benefits that cannabis offers such as;

Hemp as a building material

Hemp in Fashion

Hemp in plastic

Hemp as a sustainable textile

Hemp in Health

Hemp in Business

Hemp in wellness

Hemp in Culinary Arts

Hemp in Cosmetics

Hemp Guitar

Guest Speakers

*Colin Wells

Founder- Veterans Walk & Talk

Witness Colin story, how the use of cannabis helped with his pain and PTSD. The beauty of Cannabis and Nature helped him overcome his addictions to thriving and happiness

*Danielle Arnold

CEO- Space Cannabis Edibles

witness a medical cannabis patient with multiple health conditions, who uses edibles for pain relief and CBD avocado oil as a daily anti seizure medicine that can be ingested or used topically.Space Cadet Cannabis Edibles is on a mission to normalize cannabis through food, de-stigmatize edibles with education, and provide a safe experience for others.

*Industrial Hemp Alliance

Be a part of our journey of how The Industrial Hemp Alliance keeps on breaking the stigma of cannabis in Higher Education Institutions. Have a hands on experience with hemp as you have a personal iteration in the mixture of hemp, lime and water.

Ishqa- Email- ishqa@acuratedculture.com

Queen_Breastcancermodel_globz- email- starwickes@yahoo.com

Live Airbrush Art By PC & Lilly

A memorial Airbrushed on Hemp Board for Kobe Bryant and His Daughter GiGi

DIY Activities


Surprise Speakers and Guest to be announced....

Refund Policy

This event does not accept refunds


Industrial Hemp Alliance