Moonlit Moveable Feast

Moonlit Moveable Feast


Saturday, Apr 28th 2018

06:00 PM - 11:00 PM (PST)


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Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree, CA

Food & Drinks


~ The New Heights of Fine Dining ~

High Dining takes the subtle and complex nature of cannabis and creates an artform around cannabis-infused fine dining in one of the world’s mostinspirational settings. It shuns the emphasis on getting as high aspossible in favor of a refined approach to creating elevated mood states that will enchant and inspire you.

Moonlit Moveable Feast takes place, first of all, only on a fullmoon, outdoors in the legendary pastel colored deserts of JoshuaTree California. Meticulously art directed in every detail, the Feast indulges all your senses from the moment you arrive - live glass blowing, performers, artists, installations and musicians, all in a venue famous for its lavish eclecticism.

Chef Sabrina Phelps, well known amongst celebrity clients, creates imaginative dishes of delicately balanced flavors, which this season, appropriately enough, will feature the flavors of Southern California Spring.


~ The Menu ~

ARRIVAL COCKTAIL - Pink Champagne Cocktail by alchemist, Levi Strom of  Awakened Topicals  with CBD sugar cubes from  B Edibles

Mushroom Garlic Cashew Cream and Leek Tart with an Herb Salad (hemp sprouts, chervil and chives) dressed in  Pot d'huile (strainspecific cannabis-infused olive oil) as garnish.

Beverage -  Sprig  Spring Tea (with hibiscus tea + pineapple juice)

Market Greens with roasted citrus marinated candy beets, citrus segments, shaved beets, pickled red onion, hazelnuts, mint and a citrus cannabis vinaigrette made with  Awakened Topicals  (raw cannabis sublingual tincture)

STARGAZER - An education on cannabis flower pairing guided by Cannabis Sommelier, Philip Wolf of  Cultivating Spirits  with flower provided by Sunshine Johnston of Sunbodlt Grown .

Featured Strain: The Wanderlust (cross between Blue Dream and Agent Orange). Philip will lead our guests in an optional group toke with pipes provided by  Empire Glassworks

The Wanderlust pairs perfectly with Chef Sabrina's Slow Roasted Salmon with pine pollen, hempseed, basil and cannabis leaf pesto over amaranth and quinoa risotto with spring vegetables (peas, asparagus, pea tendrils and roasted artichoke) with a pistachio chive crema brushed on the plate

Vegetarian option: Hemp crusted cauliflower steak

Lemon poppyseed cakelettes served with  Joshua Tree Coffee Company 's finest selections. But then again, aren't they all?

Moonlit Moveable Feast is conceived and run by a couple of the California desert’s most remarkable women (Barbie Sommars and Lindsey Jones), Moonlit Moveable Feasts are about more than classy dining with a sophisticated upmarket social circle. Barbie Sommars says, “We are steeped in the mystical, as well as in the science and culture of Cannabis.” Indeed they provide an expert-curated experience that opens your eyes to its history and origins as well as to the study of its chemistry today . Other expert guests share their knowledge on the spectacular desert ecology, astronomy & the cosmos, desert arts, the exploding desert music scene and more.

FEATURED ARTISTS by order of appearance

  • Lynda Arnold a.k.a. Divasonic immerses you in sacred vibrations
  • Walk through the fires of Live Glassblowing by artists Paul Kowan & Stephen Alan Hubbell
  • Floral Art expertly designed with love by The Flower Daddy
  • Matt Adams of The Blanktapes provides a psychedelic soundtrack for an epic journey to the Moon.
  • Kyle Simon leads our guests in a audible dialogue with the Moon with his project, "The Sirens", essentially a sound telescope.
  • Lady NeJanna provides Angel Oracle Readings to connect guests with their guardian angels.


    Learn at your pleasure from any of our invited guests who are highly educated in their fields

  • Keiko Beatie of Greenwave Relations on the topic of anything Cannabis. Keiko is also our Hostess for the evening.
  • Royce Robertson of Joshua Tree Coffee Company on all things coffee. Seriously fascinating!
  • Ashley Manta will share with you what it means to be a Cannasexual. Trust us, you want to know.
  • Sunshine Johnston of Sunboldt Grown just may have a seed of knowledge for you!
  • Mark Black , our favorite desert conservationist encourages you to explore the science behind the scenery


  • MoonMan's Mistress shares her knowledge of cannabis and samples of a custom creation made in honor of the pink moon.
  • Visit the Mary Jane University Vape Lounge and puff on the latest in vaporizer technology.
  • Enter the Faerie Jane Oasis and be dazzled by "Faerie Jane by Strain" gold-plated, diamond-studded cannabis leaf fine jewelry and sacred tobacco and herbal blends.

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    We serve approximately 10mg of ingestible THC throughout the event and do offer other options such as smoking or vaping.

    THANK YOU to our sponsors and co-creators:

  • Mary Jane University
  • Faerie Jane
  • Joshua Tree Coffee Company
  • Awakened Topicals
  • MoonMan's Mistress
  • Sprig
  • The Flower Daddy
  • Half Lit
  • Stone Road Farms
  • Pot d'huile
  • Divasonic
  • Matt Adams of The Blank Tapes
  • Lizzy Tish
  • PuffPuff PassCo
  • GreenGoddess Photography
  • Green Wave Relations
  • Grass Fed Bakery
  • Direct Cannabis Network
  • Cure Designs
  • Sandra Goodin Photography
  • Bishop Takes Queen LLC.
  • Green Bee Life
  • Ashley Manta: CannaSexual
  • Empire Glassworks
  • B Edibles

    The event is strictly 21 and over.


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