Seshin' with Swami - 7 - Manifesting the Green Renaissance w/ Julie Chiariello of SKUNK Magazine

Seshin' with Swami - 7 - Manifesting the Green Renaissance w/ Julie Chiariello of SKUNK Magazine


Thursday, Dec 3rd 2020

04:00 PM - 05:30 PM (PDT)


Private Location

Online, CA

Meet Up
Health & Medicine


Join Swami Chaitanya & Nikki Lastreto & their guest, a truth dealer and thought leader in our culture, Julie Chiariello of SKUNK Magazine in a virtual Zoom Hangout!

For the past 26 years, Julie Chiariello has brought green, cutting edge products successfully to market, empowering others to succeed. As a medical user, an herbalist, Julie believes in the use and protection of herbal medicines in all their forms.

She is a champion of a new style business that upholds the tenets of sustainability, empowered consumerism, philanthropy, and more intelligent use of our collective resources. Julie successfully built and led the sales teams of various companies within the yoga and health & wellness industries, and entered the Cannabis market in the vaporizer manufacturing segment 15 years ago.

In her travels, she heard stories that touched and enraged her and have moved her to action in her work as Co-owner and Editor-in-Chief at SKUNK Magazine by empowering small businesses to succeed and giving a voice to the unseen and unheard that continue to suffer and be torn apart by this heinous public crime.

Julie is devoted to a green renaissance, not a green/greed rush and she is proud to be one in the midst of millions who are banding together globally to tear the ugly plague of prohibition down and be living bridges into the future creating healing for the people and the planet.

SKUNK Magazine is a 16-year-old global cannabis publication that has been devoted to teaching organic, sustainable cultivation practices and featuring the highest quality genetics in the world.

The publication has taught millions of people to grow organically at home and remains a rich resource of information where all of the best minds and companies in the cannabis industry come together and speak. SKUNK educators are the finest growers, breeders, scientists, craft makers, business owners, and activists in the global movement.

The Virtual Sesh returns and will officially begin at 4:20pm on Thursday, December 3rd, and will last about an hour or so.

Feel free to join the party online around 4:00 pm so you'll be tuned in and tuned up when the 4:20 mark is upon us :)

We may have to be physically distanced, but using this shared technology we don't have to be completely socially distant so we hope you can "hang out" for a while on the 3rd of December - Swami & Nikki would love to see you all & be sure to bring your questions for Julie, too!

*PLEASE NOTE that these Zoom meetings are recorded and those recordings are later edited and published onto our public YouTube channel. If you have privacy concerns, Zoom offers you the option to use a pseudonym and/or block your video feed so that nobody can see you. Please take those steps if you feel it is necessary.*

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