Signature Vendor Market

Signature Vendor Market


Friday, Mar 22nd 2019

07:00 PM - 11:00 PM (CDT)


Private Location

Chicago, IL

Food & Drinks


This vendor market we are highlighting a lot of great vendors ad their signature product that they make themselves. Come on out and shop, network, medicate and educate with these awesome vendors and learn their stories. There are great products right in our local area and we are bringing a bunch of them together in one space! This is a vape only event such as puff co, cartridges, dab rigs but no smoking of live flower. There will be a cannabis bar with infused and non infused cocktails and beverages fully stocked. There will be a few edibles and savory vendors as well.


Monas special: Activated Agave

Blunt Dr. Redd : Hand rolled custom glass tip backwoods

Dab Bulls: Julios elotes (hand made pre-roll dipped & rolled)

Heidis Happy Treats: Triple OG blunt, Blunt booster,

Hippie Kitchen: Organic homemade jam

High Chic Society: Custom rolling trays & lighters

We Tree Huggers: Hemp rolling papers & cannabis clothing line

Liquid CBD: CBD tinctures

EMI Topicals: Cannabis Bath & Body Line

Braids: Handrolled Braided Joints

RVDE Extracts: shatter, wax

Refund Policy

This event does not accept refunds


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