Social Justice Summit & Job Fair

Social Justice Summit & Job Fair


Saturday, Feb 27th 2021

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PDT)


Private Location

Northridge, CA

Not For Profit
Health & Medicine


Here is the links for the 2nd Annual Social Justice Summit & Job Fair. 

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Thank you and enjoy,


Luis Rivera, Executive Director 

Social Equity LA

Cell Phone: (818) 438-0840   


Join Social Equity LA and the United Cannabis Business Association, LA Norml, and Collective Strategies Virtually - at the 2nd Annual Social Justice Summit & Job Fair focused on the social, economic, and mental health of individuals, including those currently and formerly incarcerated. Access resources for individuals in communities disproportionately impacted by the “war on drugs”.

The 2nd Annual Social Justice Summit and Job Fair Will Provide

1. Criminal & Drug Policy Reform - Updates on key issues, bills, propositions, and other relevant policies;  

2. Educational Panels & Workshops - Public education and information for individuals; topics include: economic, social, emotional, and mental health; and 

3. Employment Opportunities, Resources & Program Information - Free public and private partners, employers, and re-entry services.

Refund Policy

This event does not accept refunds


Social Equity LA