State of Cannabiz 2019- Health & Wellness Fair

State of Cannabiz 2019- Health & Wellness Fair


Sunday, Jul 21st 2019

09:00 AM - 07:00 PM (PDT)


Adelanto Stadium

12000 Stadium Way,

Adelanto, CA

Food & Drinks
Health & Medicine


Come learn about the medicinal, health and wellness benefits of cannabis and enjoy some

meditation, art, music and food! Join other adults, seniors, medical patients, veterans, and other

cannabis consumers for a day full of fun and relaxation.

The State of Cannabiz – Health & Wellness Fair will allow adults 21+ to purchase and consume

cannabis products onsite (flower, edibles, vapes, topicals, tinctures and more). Activities,

educational seminars and workshops will also take place during the event for novice and

experienced consumers.

Products: 35+ different cannabis vendors. Available products range from cannabis flowers

themselves, to edibles, skin creams and topical oils to alleviate stress, and cannabis capsules that

can be used to help cancer patients combat the side effects of treatment, as well as slow down cell


GERNAL INFORMATION & TICKETS ($25 General Admission)

For additional information or tickets please visit,

TARGET AUDIENCE (1,500+ Attendees)

Adults 21+, Seniors, Veterans & Medical Patients

Novice & Experienced Cannabis Consumers


1. Workshops and Seminars:

a) Health and wellness, fitness, exercise and nutrition.

b) Medical educational seminars for medical patients and healthcare providers.

c) Latest bio-science technologies, innovation, products and consumer trends.

2. Activities Include:

a) Onsite Consumption & Sales

b) Educational Health Seminars

c) Yoga & Meditation

d) Puff “n” Paint

e) Live Music & Comedy

f) Photo Booth and Much More...

3. 35+ Exhibit Booths (CBD & THC vendors onsite)

4. Food, Edibles & Drinks (Regular & Infused)



9:00 am - Event Opens to Public

9:15 am - Yoga & Meditation Begins

10:00 am - Exhibit Booth Area Opens

10:15 am - Food & Concession Stands Open

10:30 am - Educational Health Seminars Begin

11:00 am - Puff “n” Paint Begins

12:00 pm - Live Music Begins

4:20 pm – Comedy Happy Hour

6:00 pm - Exhibit Booth Area Ends

7:00 pm – Event Closes to Public

CONFERENCE SCHEDULE (45 Minute Sessions)

11:00 AM

Cannabis as Medicine – Learn about the history of Cannabis in America (how it got

prohibited and how it came back), the Endocannabinoid system and how cannabis

works as medicine and why should you take it. This presentation will explore

treating symptoms vs treating diseases, side effects, myths and methods of


12:00 PM.

Cannabis Cultivation (Personal) – Do you cultivate or want learn from the experts

on how to grow quality cannabis in your home – outdoors and indoors. This

presentation will provide information on how to select the right location – indoor

vs. outdoor vs. greenhouse, lighting, selecting the right strains and costs.

Participants will as so learn when to harvest, trim, deal with pests and how to grow

more than one crop a year (quality and quantity).

1:00 PM

Cannabis & Veterans – Learn about the opportunities and challenges with providing

cannabis for veterans as a treatment for pain and PTSD. This presentation will also

discuss different resources such as, the V.A., rehabilitation centers and other

programs to provide treatment, support and cannabis to veterans.

2:00 PM

Cannabis Laws – Find out about the latest legislation coming out of Sacramento –

analyze the bills still in consideration – what has passed, what has failed. Where are

we in getting CA Cities and Counties to allow cannabis businesses and commerce.

Can federal cannabis prohibition end in 2019? Programs to influence legislation on

the local, state and federal level.

3:00 PM

Cannabis Innovations - Latest bio-science technologies, innovation, products and

consumer trends.

4:00 PM

Cannabis Art & Culture - A panel of artists and musicians discussing how cannabis

influences them. Explore the role of art and music in mainstreaming cannabis in

America. This discussion will also provide examples of cannabis art and cannabis


5:00 PM

Cannabis Culinary Demonstration – Come learn and see a culinary showcase on

how to cook with cannabis (CBD, THC and Terpenes) and how it can elevate cuisine,

even in the absence of a high.


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Luis Rivera, CEO, Collective Strategies

Cannabis Event Organizer (Lic.#: CEO-14-18-0000131-TEMP)

Cell Phone: (818) 438-0840

Refund Policy

This event accepts refunds until 7 day(s) before the event.


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