Stoned Yoga x Soundbath

Stoned Yoga x Soundbath


Sunday, Nov 11th 2018

04:30 PM - 08:30 PM (PST)


1052 S Olive Street




The Mystic Rebel + V(EYE)BES

Present Stoned Yoga x Soundbath

Deep, concentrated stretching mixed with juicy restorative yoga poses to unlock stress points and offer your mind and body a chance to slow down, breath and reset. This is a cannabis friendly event but everyone is welcome!

At The Mystic Rebel we believe in and support anything and everything that brings you to a brighter, bolder way of life... whether socially acceptable or still a little fringe. 

Cannabis is finally having it's moment to step out of the shadows and into the light. When Ashlee sculpted our ever-popular Thursday evening Stoned Yoga class she said:

"Everyone smokes and does yoga in their house anyway! I want folks to finally be able to connect around that."

We've loved packing the studio with rebel souls eager for connection, and now we want to expand into new, unexpected places and bring that same energy of exploration, community, and a little bit of bad-assery.

The experience will include a communal smoke session, 60 minutes of yoga and Soundbath healing, live spins by DJ Professor X, and a cannabis-infused after party to play, explore, and connect to other rebellious souls.

We hope you will join us to bring your practice into new and unexpected settings, and merge wellness, mindfulness, and pure renegade fun!

This event is 21+

Refund Policy

This event does not accept refunds


The Mystic Rebel + V(EYE)BES