The Reefer Bay Challenge

The Reefer Bay Challenge


Thursday, Sep 26th 2019 08:00 AM -

Friday, Sep 27th 2019 08:00 PM (PDT)


The Point

1010 Santa Clara Place

San Diego, CA



Who is it for?

The Reefer Bay Challenge is a 2-day business growth workshop and team building event designed specifically for C-level executives in the cannabis industry who want to take a more strategic approach to growth starting from the inside out.

Why is it important?

The majority of the workforce, the largest group of consumers and those who buy in the dispensary the most are millennials. However, they view corporations as being greedy and self-interested which has led them to change their buying behavior. In fact, 81% of America does not approve of big business and 91% plan to stay at their current job less than 3 years. 

Today’s definition of capitalism has led to distrust and a decline in economic freedom. But, if this declines then so does our prosperity and if our prosperity declines then so does business. Unfortunately, it already has. Since 1996, our net worth for people under 35 has declined by 35% which isn't the best news to hear when you're trying to scale and grow in an already tough industry. The rubber is meeting the road and many organizations are starting to feel the wrath of reality or they will.

This unique event aims to help you unlearn management and relearn how to be a human while teaching you the modern business fundamentals that’s statistically proven to help you be more sustainable, create more word-of-mouth customers and positively impact the bottom line.

How will we do it?

We will have plenty of land and in-water activities such as a blindfold obstacle course, bouncy horse race, tandem kayak race, team sail boat race, mock "Shark Tank" pitch, Wave Runners (just for fun), and a home made bong building competition. In addition, there will be educational workshops such as Becoming an Inbound Organization, Brand Engagement & Emotional Connection, Accelerating Growth with Sales Enablement, and Leadership, Diversity, and Inclusion. On the last day, teams will take their bong masterpieces with them on a consumption bus to a semi-rooftop penthouse downtown to be judged. Then, the official Reefer Bay Challenge winner will be announced.

Each ticket includes 5 team members.

A total of 10 teams will come together to learn and compete in a series of challenges for points. Each team building activity will require collaboration, problem-solving, and strategic thinking.

The team with the most points at the end will win a trophy and bragging rights for being the best, most synergistic company in the industry.

We will have a wide range of industry professionals acting as judges for the mock “shark tank” pitch and the homemade bong building competition. 

If participants would like to bring their significant other to the official winner announcement party on September 27th from 4pm-8pm, please purchase a plus one ticket.

The Details:

Where: The Point 1010 Santa Clara Pl, San Diego, CA 92109

When: September 26th, 8am - 6pm & 27th, 8am - 8pm 

What’s in it for your team? 

  • Brand Activism
  • High-level growth fundamentals
  • Better & stronger internal relationships
  • Recap video w/ team footage & drone shots 
  • Local news & industry PR coverage
  • Team logos on promo material
  • Trophy & bragging rights

Important considerations: 

  • All meals included 
  • Parking available 
  • Non-consumption event 
  • Hotels & lodging near the arena 
  • Swimsuits & sunblock recommended 

The Schedule:

Day 1

8AM - 9AM | Breakfast & Introduction

Grab some coffee and get to know everyone in the room.

9AM - 10AM | Workshop: Becoming an Inbound Organization

Learn how to accelerate your company's growth by becoming an Inbound Organization and build your company’s future around the principles that strengthen the foundation necessary to deal with the changes in modern buyer behavior.

10AM -12AM | Team Building Activities

Build communication and information flow in a tricky blind obstacle course challenge. Then, you'll learn goal and directional clarity in a bouncy horse race followed by a tandem kayak race on the bay.

12PM - 1PM | Lunch

Grab some food and be social.

1PM - 2PM | Workshop: Brand Engagement & Emotional Connection

High engagement is the key to not just getting customers but, retaining them and turning them into brand promoters. But, what does “engagement” actually mean and how do you measure it? Learn about the seven levels of engagement and how to quantify interactions to increase revenue organically.

2PM - 4PM | Team Building Activities

Line up and improve individual focus in an under and over water relay race. Then, put your out-of-the-box thinking cap on and collaborate with your team to run with an idea, develop the necessary information and present to real investors a mock "shark tank" pitch.

4PM - 6PM | Dinner

Enjoy a lovely dinner on the deck overlooking the bay

Day 2

8AM - 9AM | Breakfast

Grab a bite to eat and get ready to start the day

9AM - 10AM | Workshop: Accelerating Growth with Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement is the process of providing the organization with the information, content and tools that help people sell more efficiently at a higher velocity. You’ll learn what you need to successfully engage the buyer throughout the buyers journey.

10AM - 12PM | Team Building Activities

Get ready to coordinate tasks and practice individual responsibility with sail boat racing on the bay. Each team will hop on their own boat, learn how to operate it by an official sailing instructor and then race against all the other teams on the water.

12PM - 1PM | Lunch

Cool your jets and grab a bite to eat.

1PM - 2PM | Workshop: Leadership, Diversity, and Inclusion

Learn the modern, most basic fundamentals of Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion while working directly with other teams to share ideas and create actionable programs within your organization.

2PM - 4PM | Team Building Activities

Finally, you'll get your creative juices flowing and participate in the ultimate Homemade Bong Building Competition. When half of the teams are assembling, the other half will be cruising around the bay on a tandem Wave Runner just for fun.

4PM - 8PM | Dinner Downtown

After you're finished with last team building activity, you'll transport your bong masterpiece on a consumption bus to a private semi-rooftop penthouse to be officially judged. Dinner will be catered, cocktails will be available and the official Reefer Bay Challenge winner will be announced.

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Refund Policy

This event does not accept refunds