VIBE & THRIVE • An Inclusive Canna-Healing Dance Party Experience

VIBE & THRIVE • An Inclusive Canna-Healing Dance Party Experience


Saturday, May 18th 2019

02:00 PM - 08:00 PM (PST)


Private Location

La Habra, CA

Health & Medicine


“The best gift you are ever going to give someone - the permission to feel safe in their own skin. To feel worthy. To feel like they are enough.”

-Hannah Brencher, Writer & Speaker


💚 MUST BE 21+ 💚

You are invited to an Inclusive Canna-Healing Dance Party Experience where space will be held for All Bodies, ESPECIALLY Marginalized Bodies, to feel, be & embody Self-Love if they so wish!! Authenticity, Acceptance, Joy & Freedom are HIGHly intended vibes set to encourage us to recognize & utilize the Abundance that continually surrounds us

This HIGH Vibrational Self-Love Experience is brought you by the Power of The Flower Moon! The day will be charged with fresh Spring Full Moon JUICE! The perfect energies will align to call in the spirit of Celebration. We Celebrate the fruits of our labor, life accomplishments & lessons, the ability to show-up for ourselves, OUR BODIES, our loved ones & of course, We Celebrate Each Other

We also celebrate my completion of a 1+ year commitment to live in my home-state of California and workout some deep Life & Self missions. My next chapter begins with an AMAZING Healing Collective & Tribe in Kansas City, Missouri beginning in early June! So, I wanted to create a FUN & INTENTIONAL way to support my personal cause AND do something I THRIVE at...

Being Of Service

Healing, Cannabis, Dancing, Food, Henna, Magic & LOVE!! So. Much. SELF-LOVE! And as we nurture and free our own spirits, we create space for other to do the same

This is a private event at a private residence in a gorgeous La Habra neighborhood.

Aside from a THREE HOUR Dance Party DJ’d by the Goddess Herself, .moonflower. , we will have a variety of vibrant & deeply compassionate Self-Love Support Healers. These Healers will be available to spend one-on-one time guiding you in receiving your abundant blessings & helping to nurture the Mind/Body/Spirit connection

**As the event draws near, I will be adding more kick-ass details & listing vendors, healers and other Divinely Connected Beings that you can engage with during this Nourishing Canna-Healing Mind/Body Immersion!**

If you desire a truly INCLUSIVE afternoon of Nurturing, Healing, Loving, Supporting & Freeing your Vibrant Inner Unicorn, please JOIN US

💙 We will have rooms designated as Healing Zones to support and uplift you on your personal Best Life manifestations! We have use of an intoxicating rose garden and spacious shaded backyard patio area surrounded by lush landscaping

💚 Visit our Re’laks Tranquility Lounge providing Medicated Chair Massage sessions for an ultimate canna-healing & mind/body immersion

💙 Allow Sam the Yoga Witch & Goddess Felicia to welcome you & your HIGHer Self into their blissful Reiki Dens. Where you may allow space to soften & flow into feelings of safety, like a fresh mountain spring while your Light Body floats in the cosmos. Free from Muggle-World chaos and demands

💚 Float over to Nicole, our Prana & Acutonics Creatrix with Harmonic By Nature. Drift into bliss as this Intuitive Soul calls into power ancient healing practices to help guests connect to Higher Self & allow harmonic vibrations to help restore the body’s innate rhythms

💙 Vibe with your Queer, Healer Hostess as she holds joy & Root Chaka Release-based space with personalized Movement Meditations for guests to shake off & twerk out stagnancy, fear, stress, anxiety, deep emotional/energetic residue from past & present experience/processes

💚 The Mermaid Quarters will be in the main bath area where a large LUXE tub is ready for you to bliss out during a self-service “Mend Your Fins” foot soak and flower blessing!

Sink into the Bliss Abyss with some local canna-infused spa scrub samples provided courtesy of the incomparable Garden of Khloris

💙 We will be blessed with an abundance of Lylo (Love Your Largest Organ) CBD Hempsheet Masks for your spa relaxation enjoyment during your self-serve foot soak & with your Healing Lounge Sessions

💚 As beloved guests of the HIGHest vibrations & honor, you will have access to Mehndi Adornment Therapy & HIGH Vibe jewelry creations with Aurora of Witchful Thinking. She will be slinging Henna Blessings & Handcrafted treasures worthy of Royalty. Visit the Adorn Me Lounge during the Dance Party hours & then get your gorgeous Henna-Kissed booty shaking like a polaroid picture

💙 Bask in Divine wisdom & support with Nature’s Vibe Healing as she guides Oracle Readings and offers all-natural Self-Love & Care Moisturizing Mermaid Body Shimmer for your whimsical healing needs

💚 Don’t forget to indulge in the mouth-watering plant-based Bliss that is Nat by Nature Nourishment as this Goddess shares her favorite hearty delights best for nourishing your precious vessel

💙 Hit the dance floor with

.moonflower. .the mystical sensual vibe curator.

Here to empower the sea of beautiful bodies during the Dance Party portion in the 5p-8p hours! We’ll be booth-shaking for body freedom & ecstatic movement

💚 We will have a decked out Gratitude Circle to generate a collective of Joy & Love-based messages & photos that guests will be encouraged to contribute to. Witness how your love, awareness & VIBRANCE can shift the energy & mood of a space & those in it

💙 The Long Beach Cookie Company will be donating HOMEBAKED medicated cookies to the GIFT BAGS

💚 We will of course have the pleasure of EDIBLE treats & treasures vended by

Infused Wonders

💙Premium Ganja Flower provisions for sale courtesy of Flowerkakes420 for your medicating pleasure

The Power We Have In These Bodies Comes From Star Dust! Go Forth & Sprinkle Your Blessings On The World My Loves!!!

💚 Must Be 21+ 💚

Refund Policy

This event does not accept refunds


Self-Care Sorceress: Brianne Key