Weed To Table's Fall Dining Experience

Weed To Table's Fall Dining Experience


Saturday, Nov 9th 2019

07:00 PM - 10:00 PM (PDT)


Private Location

Los Angeles, CA

Food & Drinks


We Welcome you to Weed To Table's Fall Dining Experience!

Our mission: to provide a social dining experience that is good for the mind, body, and soul... one course at a time.

Your Hosts:

Daphne Brogdon- (host of Daphne Dishes, recently seen on "Beat Bobby Flay") The stand up comic co-created Prawn Coastal Casual, and other endeavors for her husband Chef Mark Peel.

Stephanie Stanis - A cannabis entrepreneur. Founder and Owner of JadeHouse Extractions, a licensed cannabis manufacturing company. Stanis is a cannabis expert with years of experience in extraction, cannabis infusions and terpene selections.

The evening will take place at a private location in Los Angeles, parking is free but we urge our diners to use a ride share or cab service.

Our 4 course meal will be cannabis-infused and the dessert will be terpene-infused as well. All courses and cannabis used is fully explained to diners so they understand the benefits of the food, cannabis, and terpenes together. We look forward to giving you a delightful, social evening, with delicious food prepared to satisfy you on all levels.

Refund Policy

This event accepts refunds until 7 day(s) before the event.


Stephanie Stanis & Daphne Brogdon