Women’s Leadership Summit: Power and Collaboration

Women’s Leadership Summit: Power and Collaboration


Wednesday, Jul 21st 2021

10:00 AM - 05:00 PM (PDT)


Private Location

Online Event, CA



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Women have a once in a lifetime opportunity to build an industry from the ground up that is inclusive, diverse and just. We KNOW we have this opportunity and hundreds of thousands of us, around the world, are drawn to work with the mother plant. Yet, we are continuing to lose power in cannabis. 

In 2017 women held 36% of C Suite positions in cannabis. Today, less than 8% of CEOs are women and only 38% of all positions in cannabis are held by women. Women are losing their power in cannabis...fast. 

We know that statistically women have a higher rate of return on investment, lower turnover and a faster rate to profitability than their male counterparts - so why are we losing ground at such an alarming rate? This is one of many questions we will explore at the Leadership Summit: Power & Collaboration. 

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